Solvoyo Demand Planning Platform

Effective supply chain planning starts with a reliable demand forecast. Although by itself it is not actionable, the accuracy and the integration to other functions have a huge impact on the business results. With Solvoyo’s collaborative platform, you will empower all the stakeholders – from CEO to sales reps – in your demand planning process, sense the demand shifts in the market, review AI-driven actionable insights by combining internal and external data, and take actions to reach your targets.

Forecast Generation

• Whether for operational or financial purposes, Solvoyo generates value through its ability to accommodate not only historical sales, order, inventory and fulfillment records, but also big data in real-time: distributor data, point-of-sales, weather data, external market benchmark data, financial targets, links to social media data, and sentiment analysis.

• With its advanced machine learning capabilities, Solvoyo’s demand forecasting helps you take your forecast accuracy to the next level.

Demand Collaboration

• Demand forecasting alone is not enough to make the right decisions. The best demand plan is the one that receives input from all stakeholders and empowers them with data & insights.

• On a single platform with one version of the truth, by involving cross-functional teams such as sales, marketing, finance, operations, and supply chain, we help you create a more realistic demand plan, which balances business targets against the customer needs while minimizing risks.

Scenario-Based Demand Planning

• Competitor moves, consumer preferences, weather, and pandemics… There are so many external factors shifting demand, creating complex forecasting, and demand planning processes.

• Solvoyo, on top of its forecast generation and collaborative environment, offers what-if capabilities to evaluate scenarios incorporating internal and external events. In seconds, planners are able to review the effects of price adjustments, marketing activities, sales incentives, product portfolio adjustments, and compare them with budget or approved base scenarios.

Scenario-Based Demand Planning

Demand Sensing

• When there is a latency between the consumer demand signal and supply chain actions, classical forecasting methods are woefully inadequate in sensing the demand and reflect it in forecasts.

• Solvoyo Demand Sensing translates the data from disparate sources and improves the speed and the quality of short-term demand-shaping actions in response to internal and external events. For CPG companies, it happens via learning from sales data of various retail channels. For retailers, this means learning from increasing store traffic/or website traffic and click rates.

Demand Shaping

• Understanding the level of influence of the demand drivers such as discounts, promotional offers, website placement, or in-store display empowers better decision-making when it comes to shaping demand.

•  In addition to using these demand drivers in forecasting, Solvoyo Analytics and Planning platform also provides insights on how different product segments or channels respond to changes in these demand drivers. Having insights on which products are more sensitive to promotions or changes in the price index in references to the competition facilitate faster and smarter decisions when it comes to taking demand-shaping actions.

• Insights from the demand-driver analysis are also used in predictive and prescriptive models such as Promotions Planning and Gap Closure to take action on under-performing categories or slow-moving SKUs.

KPI Measurements

• Demand Planning solution comes with tracking of changes made to the demand plans across versions as well as forecast accuracy KPIs. In addition to measuring error and bias for system-generated forecasts, we also track value-add from the manual edits made by the users during the collaboration process.

• KPI tracking provides diagnostics for continuous improvement of the forecasting and overall demand planning process.

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